Krishidoot Bio Herbals Pvt Ltd
Krishidoot Bio Herbals Pvt Ltd Is The Leading Manufacturer, Supplier And Exporter Of Organic Certified Herbal And Biological Products.
Krishidoot Bio Herbals Pvt Ltd (A HOUSE OF ORGANIC PRODUCTS) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company established by Dr. Ramnath Jagtap, (M. Sc. Agri. Ph.D.) in 2005. Our high-quality organic certified products (inputs) includes :

Organic Fungicides, Insecticides.

Herbal Plant Growth Enhancer/Promoter.

Bio fertilizers and Bio pesticides

Micro nutrients Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners.

We also provide services for Soil, Water, Plant petiole and fertilizers analysis

Consultancy for management practices of horticulture crops.

Our Vision

To extend our presence worldwide as a leading Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Genuine, certified organic and herbal agricultural inputs with superior quality.

To provide Organic agricultural inputs that strengthen the organic farming movement, to make farming sustainable, rewarding, and competitive, “ensuring organic food, healthy soil and clean water” to every human being.

To promote organic farming sustainably and to explore the domestic and global market for the organic products, we produce.

To improve the living standards of small and marginal farmers through fair trade practices.

Our Mission
We Express Gratitude towards “Mother Earth” By Providing Organic Inputs To Farmers And Motivate Them to Produce Organic And Healthy Food Considering Community And Environment Health As A Priority.