Agriculture Consulting Services

We provide consultancy services for management practices of horticulture crops. We promote organic farming.  

We have a professionally managed ISO-certified organization with a team of experts in the area of crop production, plant protection, Fertilizers, and animal feed supplements with cost-effective solutions which ultimately enhance the livelihood of agricultural rural people and growers.

We help farmers optimize soil fertility, identify and control pests, and manage the land to minimize erosion and nutrient losses. ACS believes in farming and decision-making, and that each of us makes a difference for farmers today and for future generations.

We help farmers increase yield and income per acre, and reduce cultivation costs. Experts in our advisory team provide consulting services to the farmer across each stage of the crop cycle, helping them unravel productive opportunities from crop planning to harvest. We offer the best agriculture consulting services and assist farmers in using equipment and new technology on their farms.

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