Viridine - Trichoderma viridie

Viridine is an organic certified bio-formulation produced from the selective strain of Trichoderma viridie. It has biocontrol activity over range of bacterial and fungal plant pathogens, which protects crops against various infectious diseases

Content :

Trichoderma viridie spores 1 x 108 CFU / ml.

Specifications :
Type Biofungicide
Form Liquid
Product Name Viridine
Color Dark green
Content Trichoderma viridie
HSN 3002
Dose 5 ml/lit or 1 -2 lit/Acre.
Available Packing 500 ml, 1 lit, 5 lit & Bulk quantities
Benefits :
  • Use to control Rot, wilt, smut, scurf, damping off and other diseases caused by fungal pathogens. Provide protection against Fusarium, Pythium, Sclerotium, Rhizoctonia, Verticillium, Alternaria and other soil borne pathogens
Dose :
  • Soil treatment - 1 liter / acre through drip irrigation
  • Foliar application - 2.5 - 5 ml per liter of water
  • Seed/ root dip treatment - 10 ml per kg of seeds
Recommended crops :

Cereals, Pulses, Oil seeds, Cotton, Vegetables, Fruits, Ginger, Turmeric, Cardamom, etc.

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