Vanish & Vanish D are organic certified unique bio-solutions developed from the bacterial consortia having ability to degrade various plant and other residues. These bacteria produce several enzymes and acids which carry out the degradation process. It boosts natural degradation and decomposition process of various residues in biological way quicker than self degradation/decomposition.

Content :

Bacterial consortia cells/spores 1 x 108 CFU / ml.

Specifications :
Type Decomposing bacteria or residue minimizer
Product Name Vanish & Vanish D
Content Bacterial consortia
HSN Code 3002
Color Pale yellow
Dosages 5 ml/lit or 1 -2 lit/Acre
Available Packing’s 500 ml, 1 lit, 5 lit & Bulk quantities
Dose :
  • Soil treatment - 1 liter / acre through drip irrigation
  • Foliar application - 2.5 - 5 ml per liter of water
Recommended Crops :

Grapes, pomegranate, apple, banana, cotton, capsicum, chili, turmeric, ginger, tea & all types of vegetablespulses, oilseed crops,& other fruit crops..

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