Sudarshan Organic Insecticide

Sudarshan is an organic certified herbal insecticide developed from plant gum. It is applicable to control all types of sucking pest like mealy bug, scaly insects, jassids, thrips, aphids, white fly etc.

Specifications :
Product Name Sudarshan
Type Organic Insecticide for Mealy Bug etc.
Color Pale Yellow
HSN Code 3808
Content Plant Gum
Dose 3-5 ml/ lit of water
Form Liquid
packaging 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 lit, 5 lit, 20 lit & Bulk quantities.
Benefits :
  • An Organic certified herbal insecticide
  • Effective against Mealy bug, Jassids, Scaly insects and all other sucking pest.
  • Effective at all stages of mealy bug like egg, nymph and adult.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Non resistance to pest
  • Applicable for all crops.

Dose -3- 5 ml/lit of water for foliar spray.

Recommended crops :

Grapes, Mango, Pomegranate, Apple, Chickoo, Orange, Banana, Tea, Tomato, Onion, Brinjal, Cotton and all vegetables as well as flowers plant.

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