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Silidie is a liquid biofertilizer developed from selective strain of bacteria Bacillus mucilaginous. Though Silicon is not considered as primary nutrient requirement for plants, plants do need it for rigidity as well as strength of stems and leaves.

Dosage- (Shake Well Before Use)

  • Soil treatment : 1 liter / acre through drip irrigation.
  • Foliar application : 2.5 - 5 ml per liter of water
  • Seed/root dip treatment : 10 ml per kilogram of seeds.     

Mode of action :
Bacillus mucilaginous de-polymerizes to solubilize insoluble silicate minerals in the soluble/bio-available orthosilicic acid (OSA). This soluble form (OSA) can be easily taken up by plants along with water, which increases crop yield and improves plant health.

Benefits :

  • It enhances the uptake of Silicon.
  • This makes plants more robust and resistant and protect from pest and disease attack.
  • It provides rigidity and strength to stem and leaves.  


Content Bacillus mucilaginous spores/conidia 1 x 108 CFU / ml.
Available Packing 500 ml, 1 liter, 5 liters, 20 liters and bulk
Suggested for crops Fruit crops, Tea, vegetables, flowers and other crops, etc.
Water-solubility 100%
Humic acid (dry base) 60%-65%
Fulvic acid (dry base) 15-20%

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