Know The Major Uses Of Potassium Bicarbonate

Posted by Admin on September, 12, 2019

Potassium Bicarbonate is an inorganic compound. Its chemical formula is KHCO3. It looks like a white solid material. It can be prepared by mixing aqueous potassium carbonate and carbon dioxide. The reaction gives a highly purified product. It is also available as a supplement. Fruits and raw vegetables such as potatoes, spinach, and bananas serve as good natural sources of potassium. Potassium is precise for healthy bones, proper muscle function, and also for good cardiovascular health. It also helps to counter the negative effects of improper diet and the effects of food that cause acidity.

Major Uses of Potassium Bicarbonate

Potassium Bicarbonate can serve to be very useful for health purposes when taken in proper and exact amounts. It is also a necessary ingredient in one’s diet. Here are some of its important uses.

• Acidity Controller: It serves as an inexpensive and non-toxic base that helps in controlling acidity and helps to maintain a balance. It is used as a base that regulates the pH level. It can be used as a reagent.

• Winemaking: It is often used as a basic agent during the wine-making process to improve the taste of the wine and also to soften the effervescence effect of the acidic agent used.

• Manufacturing Fire Extinguishers: It is widely used as a suppressing agent in dry chemical fire extinguishers to put off the fire. It has twice the power of sodium bicarbonate to suppress fires. Therefore, it also serves as an aerosol agent for condensed fire suppression.

• Use for Agriculture: Widely used in agriculture of a variety of crops, it is used as a neutralizing agent for acidic soil to make the soil more fertile and suitable for the growth of crops.

• Laboratory Use: It is widely used in laboratories to perform different kinds of experiments and create new and a wide variety of chemicals and products that can be useful to humanity. It is a great neutralizing agent for acidic chemicals and is therefore used to prepare many types of neutralizing chemicals and medicines in laboratories.

• Usage for Cooking Purposes: As it serves as a leavening agent for softening food materials like dough and helps the dough to rise and become more fluffy, it is widely used in cooking to make the food even more easy to eat, swallow and digest.

• Making Fungicides: It can also neutralize and destroy most kinds of fungus and mildew that are acidic by nature and destroy plants, crops, and trees. Therefore it is also used to make and manufacture fungicides in chemical industries to ensure proper agriculture as well as the growth of trees and plants.

Due to the numerous uses and advantages, Potassium Bicarbonate Exporters from all over the world work tremendously to develop and supply their products at a constant rate. The raw materials used in the chemical industries and factories can be found easily and at cheap rates making the production and export easier and faster.

These exporters export their products and materials to different parts of the world and thus ensure the safe growth of natural food and also the proper health of humanity.

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