Ami Mix Micronutrient Fertilizer

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Purity 99%
Ami- Mix Gr. No. 2 Mix Micronutrient
PH value 6 - 7
Form Crystals
EDTA min 12.0%
PH stability renge 4-9
PH Value 8-9

Additional Information

Product Code 011
Port Nashik
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Other
Delivery Time 7 DAYS
Packaging Details 100, 250, 500 gms


Amino Acid Chelated Mineral EDTA Chelated Mineral
Ami Mix consists of all essential & non essential amino acids (Organic Nitrogen) with mineral. It supplies organic nitrogen as well as mineral to the plant. Hence 100% utilization. Organic nitrogen (Amino Acids) is absent. Hence only mineral ion is available to plant. EDTA has no role in plant metabolism.
Amino acids present in Ami Mix form a complex with mineral ion which absorbed quickly & easily by plants. is a readymade & easily assumable organic source of nutrition. Itis a chemical complex.
Ami Mix contains all essential amino acids & minerals, which are precursors of phytohormones & other growth substances & accelerate the Metabolic, & Physiological activity of plant. Absent in EDTA Complex.
Ami Mix before, during and after the stress conditions supplies the plants with Amino Acids & Minerals which are directly related to stress physiology and thus has a preventing and recovering effect. Absent in EDTA Complex.
Amino Acids has a chelating effect on minerals. When applied together with minerals, the absorption and transportation of minerals inside the plant is easier. This effect is due to the chelating action and to the effect of cell membrane permeability. L - Glycine & L - Glutamic Acid are known to be very effective chelating agents. EDTA Only acts as chelating agent.

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